What is the Bible?

The bible is an integrated message system of 66 books written by 40 authors over thousands of years. They say that the new testament is in the old testament concealed and the old testament is in the new testament revealed. The more one looks at the bible the more what they says seems quite correct. There are specific books or chapters on how one should read or study the bible, How to pray, Stewardship, Worship, What is the Church, What are the rules in and about the Family. What this means is that when Holy Spirit inspires authors to write the message ofGod to you it is spread through out the whole book a little here a little there. It is better stated in the book of Isaiah chapter 28 verse 10 (Is 28:10): “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little”.

If you were a communications engineer designing a channel of communications and you were anticipating hostile jamming, what would you do? You would spread  your message over the available band with or spectrum. That is what God has done with the bible. Why did God do this?

After God, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit created the heavens and the earth in Gen 1:1, there is believed to be a period in which is called the gap period that falls between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis chapter 1. This is said to be the period of time in which Lucifer, whom was perfect in his ways from the day he was created, whom was the anointed or boss cherub, who covered the throne of God got greedy and started the first attempt at a hostile take over (And we thought man came up with that idea) of heaven. In his case it did not work and Lucifer (also known as Satan) and  the angels that joined him were cast out of heaven.

Another way to look at this is to compare a hologram to the bible. Not one of those that are on a persons credit card but a real one (TV’s version was Al on the show Quantum Leap). It is kind of interesting to get an understanding of holography. Imagine someone standing in front of you with a coffee mug in their hand and a spot on their shirt. Now you take a picture of them with an ordinary camera you will get a photo of them holding a coffee mug, but you won’t see the spot on their shirt. Let’s say you made a holographic image of them instead. The way you do this is to illuminate that person with laser light. No lens, okay, just a piece of special film and hold it in such a way that it gets the reflection of the laser light off them and direct light from the laser. What is recorded on the film is the interference patterns of those two sources of light. Now you develop that in a dark room. When you are finished it looks like a darkroom mistake. It looks like a foggy piece of film and that you wasted your time until you take that film and illuminate it with the laser that created it in the first place. That piece of film will look like a window into a three dimensional space. Now if you look at it you will see that person standing in front of you holding a coffee mug, but this time you will be able to take your eye and look around that coffee mug and see the spot. Okay!, you with me so far? Now if you cut an one inch  hole in your normal photo you will lose all that was there but in a hologram you can just move your eye around that cut space and still see the mug and even the spot. True you might lose some resolution. It’s not as sharp as it once was but none of the information that was contained in there was lost.

A  hologram has some other interesting aspects to it. If you take that hologram and put it in natural light it has no aspects that you should desire it. you take the bible in natural light, it is a collection of myths and legends, some literature, but what does it mean? Ask the world, they will tell you. They take votes on what Jesus Christ really said.

If on the other hand you illuminate the hologram with the light that created it in the first place you get the true image. You illuminate the bible by the light that created it in the first place it will give you an image of what?  Of Jesus Christ! You can tear pages out of the bible and you don’t lose the image. You might lose a little resolution, but the message is spread through out. BUT if you illuminate the hologram with a laser of a different frequency you get a false image. Now if you illuminate the bible by a different spirit than the Holy Spirit that created it you can and will get into some DEEP TROUBLE.