Daniel Chapter 10

1)        How much time has elapsed between verse 1 of Chapter 9 and Verse 1 of Chapter 10?

2)       “The message was true but the appointed time was long”, means what? Or when?

3)       How many people in the bible had understanding in all visions and dreams?

4)       Why was Daniel mourning?

5)       Was the heavenly messenger Gabriel?

6)       Why was Why was a great terror given to the men who were with Daniel?

7)       Who were the men with Daniel?

8)       Why did Daniel’s countenance change in verse 8?

9)       Why did the messenger have Daniel stand upright?

10)     Do not fear occurs 365 times in the bible, so why do we?

11)    If Daniel had prayed for less than 21 days how do you think the vision would have changed?

12)   Michael is the chief prince of what?

13)    Who is Michael?

14)    The kings of Persia?

15)    Many days yet to come?

16)    Sons of men?

17)    Why is Daniel told to be strong, twice?

18)    In verse 20 Daniel is asked a question, is it ever answered?

19)     What is the Scripture of Truth?


Chapter 11