John Chapter 7

1) When Jesus spoke of “the world” in verse 7, who is included in that?

2) From what you have read in verses 8,10 &and 14 what strategy is Jesus following at this time?

3) After reading verses 12-13, why are the people afraid of Jesus?

4) What are the differences between the way the Jews viewed the Sabbath and the ways Jesus viewed the Sabbath as shown in verses 21-24?

5) Why could the Jews not understand what Jesus said to them in verse 33& 34?

6) Without looking at your bible, what did Jesus day about living water (verse 38)?

7) What are the most important things we learn about the Holy Spirit in verses 37-39?

8) If the Pharisees had allowed the guards to say more, what might they have said?

9) Look at what Jesus says in verse 7 and relate it to yourself. To what degree does the world have reason to hate you?

10) How could you use what Jesus says in verses 16-18 to evaluate the message of religious teachers and preachers today?

Chapter 8