Daniel Chapter 11

There is a lot of history in this chapter. You will need outside sources to understand all that Daniel speaks of. It is said that around a hundred prophecies that are made in this chapter by Daniel have come true.

1)       Why did Daniel standup for and strengthen “Darius the Mede”?

2)       Who is the fourth king?

3)       Who is this king?

4)       Who divides the kingdom?

5)       “King of the South”?

6)       Who is the “King of the South’s” daughter?

7)       Who is the king of the north?

8)       Who is the vile person in verse 21?

9)        Explain verse 30?

10)     Look at verse 32 again?

11)    Verse 36 gives you a hint as to the lost king. A lot of people call him “Mr. Big Mouth” Who do you think he is?

12)   Reread verse 41. Might you have any part in it?


Chapter 12