Jude Verses 1-4

  1. To whom is the Book of Jude written?
  2. Why was the Book of Jude written?
  3. Why must we contend with our faith?
  4. Who is Jude related to?
  5. What does it mean to be sanctified?
  6. What does it mean to be called?
  7. Why was it necessary for Jude to write?
  8. Who and what are the beloved?
  9. Are you faithfully following exhortation?
  10. What does faith mean to you?
  11. Who are the men that have crept in unnoticed?
  12. When were they marked out?
  13. Why were they marked out?
  14. Where else in the bible are we given warnings about these men?
  15. What is meant by turning “the grace of our God into licentiousness”?
  16. Is there a penalty for this?
  17. What does Lord mean to you?
  18. What does Jesus mean to you?
  19. What does Christ mean to you?
  20. Is there a difference between Lord or Master?