John Chapter 12


Triumphal Entry

1)      What is the difference between the accounting of Jesus’s anointing in John 12:1-11 and the other gospels?

2)      What are the three aspects of what Mary does to Jesus that makes it so special?

3)      In verse 25 what is Jesus referring to?

4)      Compare verse 25 with what is written in verses 42-43?

5)      What is the relationship between the statements Jesus makes in verse 25 & 26?

6)      What is the honor that Jesus speaks of in verse 26?

7)      Why was it so important for the Greeks to see Jesus at this time?

8)      What do you believe is meant by verse 31?

9)      What does Jesus say His final appeal (12:44-50) about…… His identity and relationship to the Father?

10      His purpose or mission?

11)    To those who reject what He said, and also rejected Him?

12)    In what two ways do the crowds react to the voice of GOD?

13)    How does Jesus react?

14)    What things are soon to be accomplished?

Chapter 13