1 Thessalonians Chapter 1

  1. Can you compare this letter to both a parable by Matthew and a church named by Jesus in the book of Revelation?
  2. What is the difference between the first and second time God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ is used?
  3. What can you learn from the way Paul starts this letter?
  4. What is their work of faith?
  5. What is their labor of love?
  6. What is their patience of hope?
  7. What does “your election by God” mean?
  8. What power was used?
  9. Do you have the joy of The Holy Spirit?
  10. Are you an example to all the believers around you?
  11. Can the people that are close to you compare you to verses 8 – 10?
  12. What is “the wrath to come”?

Overview of 1 Thessalonians

The church of Thessalonians, their faith, hope, love and perseverance in the face of persecution was exemplary.

Paul encourages them to excel in their new found faith, to increase in their love for one another and to rejoice, pray and give thanks always. Paul closes his letter with instructions regarding the return of the Lord, whose advent signifies hope and comfort for believers both living and dead.

In Paul’s time Thessalonica was a prominent seaport and the capital of the Roman province of Macedonia.

You can compare the book of Thessalonians to the letter of the Church of Philadelphia, written by Jesus and the Parable of the Pearl of Great Price written by Matthew.

Christ is seen as the believer’s hope of salvation both now and at His 2nd coming. When He will deliver, reward, perfect, resurrect and sanctify all who trust in Him

The Book of James

Who is James?  –  There are four James mention in the New Testament; James the father of Judas (not Iscariot); James, the son of Alphaeus elsewhere called James the less and was also one of the twelve disciples; James the son of Zebedee also a disciple was mattered in A.D. 44, so he is most likely the author; then there is James, the Lords brother. Tradition says the author was a prominent figure.

There are some similarities between the writings in the Book of James and the letter written by the council in Acts 15: 23-29.

What is the Book of James about?  –  Faith without works cannot be called faith. Faith without works is dead, and a dead faith is worse than no faith at all. Faith must work, it must produce, and it must be visible.

Faith must be there; Faith endures trials; Faith obeys the Word; Faith produces doers; Faith harbors no prejudice; Faith displays itself in works; Faith controls the tongue; Faith acts wisely; Faith produces separation from the world and submission to God; and finally, Faith waits patiently for the coming of the Lord.

The book is broken into three parts Test of Faith; Characteristics of Faith; Triumph of Faith. The bible study is written in the form of questions, which you can do by yourself or in a group. I hope you enjoy.


James Chapter 1