Daniel Chapter 6

1)         Why was Darius so pleased to put Daniel in charge?

2)         Wasn’t Daniel the ruler of Babylon, which Darius just took over?

3)       How can you compare verse 4-9 in chapter 6 to verses 1-7 in chapter 3

4)       The trap is set in verse 7 and sprung in verse 13, but do you notice how they addressed Daniel as a captive from Judea, which is true he was that but what else was he and how should they have addressed him?

5)       Why was Darius greatly displeased?

6)       After Darius threw Daniel into the lion’s den he spoke and said; “Your God, whom you serve continually, He will deliver you.” How does he know to make that statement?

7)       Why do you think that Darius spent the night fasting for Daniel?

8)       When Darius calls out to Daniel the next morning he has a “lamenting voice.” Why is that?

9) Verse 22 ends with Daniel telling Darius, I have done you no wrong. How does Darius respond?

10)     How does Darius degree compare to Nebuchadnezzar’s degree?

11)     The reign of Darius was to the day Cyrus came into Babylon on October 29, 539B.C. how was Daniel able to proper in three realms?


Chapter 7

Daniel Chapter 5

Belshazzzar is co-regent with his father Nabonidus, who is the son of Nebuchadnezzar. Nabonidus led his army to Palestine and Northern Arabia. He decided to stay and let his son run the empire.

1) As you look at this chapter what do you see in common between Belshazzzar and his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar and what are their differences?

2)       Is there anything wrong in verse 4?

3)       What would your reaction be if you saw the fingers on a hand write an inscription on the wall opposite of you right now?

4)       What do you think verse 6 means?

5)       What is the difference between verse 6 and verse 9?

6)       When Daniel was brought before the king, the king wanted to make sure this was the right Daniel so he asked Daniel a question. What was Daniel’s answer?

7)       When the king heard the interpretation he didn’t question it he just followed through with his decree. Why?

8)       The next verse says that the king killed by the Chaldeans. (For your record the date was 10/12/539B.C.) Verse 31 states that Darius, the Mede received the kingdom. What happened between those two verses?


Chapter 6