Biblical Names and Meanings

In the first book of the bible Genesis Chapter five (5) one can find an incredible insight to how the bible is put together like an integrated message system of 66 books written by 40 authors over thousands of years just for us to read, study and understand who GOD is, was and always will be. In chapter 5 it states the genealogy of Adam to Noah. I will translate into English using the Hebrew roots of the words and what you will read will astonish you as it has and many others.


Adam                                       Man

Seth                                         Appointed

Enosh                                      Mortal

Kenan                                      Sorrow

Mahalaleel                             The Blessed God

Jared                                       Shall come down

Enoch                                     Teaching

Mehuselah                            His death shall bring

Lamech                                  The despairing

Noah                                      Rest or Comfort


“Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down, teaching (that) His death shall bring the despairing comfort (or rest.)”


[Could a group of Jewish rabbis have deliberately hidden the Christian Gospel in a genealogy within their venerated Torah? Hardly: evidence of supernatural design.]


What is the Christian Gospel? That Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried and that He rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures. (1 Cor. 15:3-4)

There is an other set of biblical names in the bible that might be as prophetic as the one’s in Genesis Chapter 5 and they are the twelve tribes of Israel, which are mentioned   20 times in the bible in different orders from their beginning in Genesis to the end in Revelation.


Reuben                                                Behold a son

Simeon                                                Heard

Levi                                                       Joined to

Judah                                                   Praise

Dan                                                      Judge

Naphtali                                              Wrestling

Gad                                                      Troop

Asher                                                   Happy

Issachar                                               There is recompense (purchased me)

Zebulun                                               Exalted

Joseph                                                  YHWH has added

Benjamin                                             Son of the right hand

Ephraim**                                           Doubly fruitful

Manasseh**                                        Making me to forget



** You also have Joseph’s two sons which Jacob adopted to make a total of they are of 14 but since they are a part of Joseph. When you see Joseph’s name you will most likely not see either of his sons but then again the Holy Spirit can always change the rules, since He is the rule book and He might be trying to make a point and we need to be sure that when the Holy Spirit goes to that kind of trouble to teach us something we should in turn take the time to learn it.


You can find the genealogies in the following places in the bible:


Genesis                                                Chapters 29 thru 35, 46, 49

Exodus                                                 Chapter 1

Numbers                                             Chapter 1,2,7,10,13,26,34

Deuteronomy                                    Chapter 27 & 33

Joshua                                                 Chapter 13-22

Judges                                                 Chapter 5

1 Chronicles                                       Chapter 2,3-8,12,27

Ezekiel                                                 Chapter 48

Revelation                                          Chapter 7



In Revelation Chapter 7 after putting the names into sentence format and adding some extra words to make the sentence flow better it might read something like this: I will praise the Lord, (for) He has looked on my affliction (and) granted good fortune. Happy am I (because) my wrestling (is) making me forget. God hears me. He has purchased me a dwelling (and) He will add to me the Son of His right hand.

Now, if you decide to put together your own sentences, who knows you might come up with something different. Remember to check back in chapters 29-35 of Genesis, where the names are first mentioned to make sure of what the names mean to from their first mention.