Overview of 1 Thessalonians

The church of Thessalonians, their faith, hope, love and perseverance in the face of persecution was exemplary.

Paul encourages them to excel in their new found faith, to increase in their love for one another and to rejoice, pray and give thanks always. Paul closes his letter with instructions regarding the return of the Lord, whose advent signifies hope and comfort for believers both living and dead.

In Paul’s time Thessalonica was a prominent seaport and the capital of the Roman province of Macedonia.

You can compare the book of Thessalonians to the letter of the Church of Philadelphia, written by Jesus and the Parable of the Pearl of Great Price written by Matthew.

Christ is seen as the believer’s hope of salvation both now and at His 2nd coming. When He will deliver, reward, perfect, resurrect and sanctify all who trust in Him

What the Confederate Battle Flag really means

The red represents the blood of Christ

The white border represents the protection of God

The blue “X” represents the Christian cross of Saint Andrew the first disciple of Jesus Christ and Patron Saint of Scotland.

The 13 stars represent the 13 Southern states of succession.

Thus, the message of the Confederate battle flag is “through the blood of Christ with protection of God. We the 13 states are united in our Christian fight for liberty.”