Daniel Chapter 6

1)         Why was Darius so pleased to put Daniel in charge?

2)         Wasn’t Daniel the ruler of Babylon, which Darius just took over?

3)       How can you compare verse 4-9 in chapter 6 to verses 1-7 in chapter 3

4)       The trap is set in verse 7 and sprung in verse 13, but do you notice how they addressed Daniel as a captive from Judea, which is true he was that but what else was he and how should they have addressed him?

5)       Why was Darius greatly displeased?

6)       After Darius threw Daniel into the lion’s den he spoke and said; “Your God, whom you serve continually, He will deliver you.” How does he know to make that statement?

7)       Why do you think that Darius spent the night fasting for Daniel?

8)       When Darius calls out to Daniel the next morning he has a “lamenting voice.” Why is that?

9) Verse 22 ends with Daniel telling Darius, I have done you no wrong. How does Darius respond?

10)     How does Darius degree compare to Nebuchadnezzar’s degree?

11)     The reign of Darius was to the day Cyrus came into Babylon on October 29, 539B.C. how was Daniel able to proper in three realms?


Chapter 7

Daniel Chapter 3

1) As you read the first 4 verses I ask you where is Daniel?

2) Remember when the king of the known world sent word to all the important people in all his lands to come to Babylon for this dedication. What would have happened if they didn’t come?

3) When the Chaldean’s came forth accusing certain Jews, they were very specific on which Jews they accused. Why didn’t they accuse Daniel?

4) Does the king show respect to Shadrach, Meshach and Ibad Nego by asking them a second time instead of just killing them?

5) Compare their faith in verses 17 & 18 to yours?

6) Now the king was very upset so he did something foolish, what was it?

7) Remember who is in Babylon also remember what happens to someone he king. As you look at verse 25 you will notice King Nebuchadnezzar, king of the whole known world, make a statement: “I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.” I ask you a question, how does the king or any of his counselors know that (a) there is a “Son of God”? (b) that they have all seen Him up close and personal to have the knowledge to make the distinction [remember how hot the fire is] (c) If they have personal knowledge of the “Son of God” especially the king, why do they still act the way they do?

8) Here in verse 26 something interesting happens, the king gives an invitation to only 3 of the 4 persons in the fiery furnace. After his grand statement in the last verses why is the king being so rude?

9) How would you feel if you were one of those named in verse 27?

10) Why do you think in verse 28 that the king not only contradicted himself but also downplayed who all had been there?

11) Comparing verse 30 of Chapter 3 to verses 48 & 49 of Chapter 2 , where can they go in job title except to take over Daniel’s position? Why would this be?


Chapter 4



Daniel Chapter 2

1)       The king not trusting the wise men of Babylon that he inherited from his father asked them a question. If they didn’t answer it correctly they would be “cut into pieces.” (Remember this for the future) What was the question and why could they not answer it?

2)       How did the king respond?

3)       What did Daniel do next?

4)       Carefully look at how Daniel answered God. What can you personally learn from it?

5)       Looking at verse 20b, 21-22, how many different praises are given?

6)       Verse 23 a verse of thankfulness, how many are there?

7)       What are the differences between Daniel and Arioch in verses 24 & 25?

8)       Do you see in verse 25?

9)       In verse 27 Daniel gave the same answers as the other wise men. What are the differences?

10)     As you look at the prophecy in verses 29-35, what is it and what other places in the bible can you use to validate it?

11)     Going over the last 7 words of verse 35, where else in your bible is this described?

12)     As you look at verse 42, are you iron mixed with ceramic clay? (Better check in with God)

13)     Where else have you read of “seed of men”?

14)     Using verse 44 to assist with the prophecy, how does this help in your research for the other verses to validate the prophecy?

15)     Looking at verses 46-48, how does the king react to what Daniel has said?

16)     How does verse 48 impact the future?

17)     Verse 49 is interesting on more than one level, as you look back over the last few verses quite a few things have happened. What are they?

18)     What does “gate of the king” mean?


Chapter 3