Revelation Chapter 4

Verses to look at before reading Chapter 4. Psalm 29:1, 96:7; Isaiah 6:1-5; 24:23

Daniel 7:9-10 & 4:34; Zechariah 4:2; Ezekiel 1: 4-28

1)       What did John see?

2)       What did John hear?

3)       What is so special about what Jesus said?

4)        Explain your position?

5)       Using your bible describe God on His Throne?

6)       Explain verse 5?

7)       What else is before the throne? Explain?

8)       What do we think we know about Creation?

9)       What is meant by “casting the crowns”?

10)      List other passages about creation and discuss why creation proves

God deserves worship?

11)     What can we learn about worship?


Chapter 5


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