Daniel Chapter 12

1)       Explain verse 1?

2)       Looking at verse 2 & 3, a lot is happening. To whom? What? Where? When? and Why?

3)       If Daniel was told to “seal the book until the time of the end”. Where is that book?

4)       Which book is the one you are reading?

5)       What does verse 7 mean?

6)       As you look over the book of Daniel, has he been consistence?

7)       Are you like Daniel or should you be more like him?

8)       List all the different positions Daniel held during his lifetime?

Daniel Chapter 11

There is a lot of history in this chapter. You will need outside sources to understand all that Daniel speaks of. It is said that around a hundred prophecies that are made in this chapter by Daniel have come true.

1)       Why did Daniel standup for and strengthen “Darius the Mede”?

2)       Who is the fourth king?

3)       Who is this king?

4)       Who divides the kingdom?

5)       “King of the South”?

6)       Who is the “King of the South’s” daughter?

7)       Who is the king of the north?

8)       Who is the vile person in verse 21?

9)        Explain verse 30?

10)     Look at verse 32 again?

11)    Verse 36 gives you a hint as to the lost king. A lot of people call him “Mr. Big Mouth” Who do you think he is?

12)   Reread verse 41. Might you have any part in it?


Chapter 12

Daniel Chapter 10

1)        How much time has elapsed between verse 1 of Chapter 9 and Verse 1 of Chapter 10?

2)       “The message was true but the appointed time was long”, means what? Or when?

3)       How many people in the bible had understanding in all visions and dreams?

4)       Why was Daniel mourning?

5)       Was the heavenly messenger Gabriel?

6)       Why was Why was a great terror given to the men who were with Daniel?

7)       Who were the men with Daniel?

8)       Why did Daniel’s countenance change in verse 8?

9)       Why did the messenger have Daniel stand upright?

10)     Do not fear occurs 365 times in the bible, so why do we?

11)    If Daniel had prayed for less than 21 days how do you think the vision would have changed?

12)   Michael is the chief prince of what?

13)    Who is Michael?

14)    The kings of Persia?

15)    Many days yet to come?

16)    Sons of men?

17)    Why is Daniel told to be strong, twice?

18)    In verse 20 Daniel is asked a question, is it ever answered?

19)     What is the Scripture of Truth?


Chapter 11


Daniel Chapter 9

1)      In verse 2, what books?

2)      Explain verse 3?

3)      Do you start your prayers the way Daniel does in verse 4?

4)      Is there anyone else in the bible called beloved?

5)      Why was Gabriel being caused to fly swiftly?

6)      When are the “70 Weeks” to start?

7)      Have the “70 Weeks” started yet?

8)      “To make an end to Sin” Has that happened yet?

9)      Look at the last three parts of verse 24 and explain what they mean?

10)    “Know therefore and understand” What?

11)    What is Meshiach Nagid?

12)    What happened on 3/14/445 BC?

13)    Who are “The People” in verse 26?

14)    What “city and sanctuary” shall be destroyed in verse 26?

15)    What happened on 4 /6/ 32 AD?

16)    Are these date truly significant? If so, why?

17)    “Messiah shall be cut off”, what does this mean?

18)    Who is he who “shall confirm a convent?

19)    Who are the many?

20)    When does the “one-week” start?

21)    What consummation is determined?

22)    Who are the desolate?


Chapter 10





Daniel Chapter 8

1)      What Queen also lived in Shusan?

2)      Who is the “Little Horn”?

3)      Who was the leader of Greece?

4)      Who supplies the “Little Horn” with his power?

5)      Who is Gabriel?

6)      Who did the man’s voice, “Who called” belong to?

7)      Deceit to prosper?

8)      Explain verse 26?


Chapter 9

Daniel Chapter 7

1) Chapter 7 is all about a dream Daniel had and its interpretation. Is there any correlation to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream? If so what?

2)      Who is the “Ancient of Days?”

3)       The four beasts obtain their dominion by what?

4)      The “Little Horn” of Daniel 7:21 will “prevail against the Saints.” Who are the Saints?

5)       Why do you think Daniel didn’t tell anyone about his dream?

6)       Why did his visions trouble him?


Chapter 8

Daniel Chapter 6

1)         Why was Darius so pleased to put Daniel in charge?

2)         Wasn’t Daniel the ruler of Babylon, which Darius just took over?

3)       How can you compare verse 4-9 in chapter 6 to verses 1-7 in chapter 3

4)       The trap is set in verse 7 and sprung in verse 13, but do you notice how they addressed Daniel as a captive from Judea, which is true he was that but what else was he and how should they have addressed him?

5)       Why was Darius greatly displeased?

6)       After Darius threw Daniel into the lion’s den he spoke and said; “Your God, whom you serve continually, He will deliver you.” How does he know to make that statement?

7)       Why do you think that Darius spent the night fasting for Daniel?

8)       When Darius calls out to Daniel the next morning he has a “lamenting voice.” Why is that?

9) Verse 22 ends with Daniel telling Darius, I have done you no wrong. How does Darius respond?

10)     How does Darius degree compare to Nebuchadnezzar’s degree?

11)     The reign of Darius was to the day Cyrus came into Babylon on October 29, 539B.C. how was Daniel able to proper in three realms?


Chapter 7

Daniel Chapter 5

Belshazzzar is co-regent with his father Nabonidus, who is the son of Nebuchadnezzar. Nabonidus led his army to Palestine and Northern Arabia. He decided to stay and let his son run the empire.

1) As you look at this chapter what do you see in common between Belshazzzar and his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar and what are their differences?

2)       Is there anything wrong in verse 4?

3)       What would your reaction be if you saw the fingers on a hand write an inscription on the wall opposite of you right now?

4)       What do you think verse 6 means?

5)       What is the difference between verse 6 and verse 9?

6)       When Daniel was brought before the king, the king wanted to make sure this was the right Daniel so he asked Daniel a question. What was Daniel’s answer?

7)       When the king heard the interpretation he didn’t question it he just followed through with his decree. Why?

8)       The next verse says that the king killed by the Chaldeans. (For your record the date was 10/12/539B.C.) Verse 31 states that Darius, the Mede received the kingdom. What happened between those two verses?


Chapter 6









Daniel Chapter 4

Notice that Nebuchadnezzar makes a proclamation to everybody in his realm. He does this in 1st person singular i.e. from his own experiences and his testimony.

1)      Have you ever shared signs or wonders that the Most High God has worked through you?

2)      Can you make the same statement that the king makes in verse 3?

3)      What is the difference between this dream and the last dream that the king told the wise men?

4)          Courtesy of Daniel, who was chief or head of all the wise men in Babylon we like him were told the dream, so can you explain verse 15?

5)          Looking at verse 19, we should marvel at the relationship Daniel had with his boss, the king. Do you have the same type of relationship with your boss?

If not why not?

6)      You have now read the dream and its interpretation. Looking at verse 29, it says that the king had 12 months before the interpretation took place. Could the king have been able to change the interpretation? And if so why didn’t he?

7)      There is a period of 7 years between verses 33 and 34; my question to you is who ran the empire during those years?

8)          Looking at the prayer for God that the king gives in the closing verses, name some of the things one can learn from those verses?


Chapter 5


Daniel Chapter 3

1) As you read the first 4 verses I ask you where is Daniel?

2) Remember when the king of the known world sent word to all the important people in all his lands to come to Babylon for this dedication. What would have happened if they didn’t come?

3) When the Chaldean’s came forth accusing certain Jews, they were very specific on which Jews they accused. Why didn’t they accuse Daniel?

4) Does the king show respect to Shadrach, Meshach and Ibad Nego by asking them a second time instead of just killing them?

5) Compare their faith in verses 17 & 18 to yours?

6) Now the king was very upset so he did something foolish, what was it?

7) Remember who is in Babylon also remember what happens to someone he king. As you look at verse 25 you will notice King Nebuchadnezzar, king of the whole known world, make a statement: “I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.” I ask you a question, how does the king or any of his counselors know that (a) there is a “Son of God”? (b) that they have all seen Him up close and personal to have the knowledge to make the distinction [remember how hot the fire is] (c) If they have personal knowledge of the “Son of God” especially the king, why do they still act the way they do?

8) Here in verse 26 something interesting happens, the king gives an invitation to only 3 of the 4 persons in the fiery furnace. After his grand statement in the last verses why is the king being so rude?

9) How would you feel if you were one of those named in verse 27?

10) Why do you think in verse 28 that the king not only contradicted himself but also downplayed who all had been there?

11) Comparing verse 30 of Chapter 3 to verses 48 & 49 of Chapter 2 , where can they go in job title except to take over Daniel’s position? Why would this be?


Chapter 4