Revelation Chapter 21

1)       No more sea?

2)        Looking at verse 1, where is everyone while this happens?

3)        Looking at verses 3 & 4. What are your feelings on these verses?

4)       “It is done” What does this verse mean?

5)       What is the angel showing John?

6)       What is not in the “Holy City”?

7)       What must you have to get in?

Revelation Chapter 20

1)       Where is the bottomless pit?

2)       What is the seal that is set on him?

3)       Why will Satan be released?

4)       Those who lived and reigned with Christ for 1,000 years, does this include the Church?

5)       Explain the blessing in verse 6?

6)       What does the bible tell us about the great white throne?


Chapter 21

Revelation Chapter 19

1)       What is so special about verse 1 of Chapter 19?

2)       What is so special about the twenty-four elders showing up here?

3)       Why is there all this celebration?

4)       His wife?

5)       How many times has John heard something?

6)       How is the bride dressed? Explain?

7)       Using the bible, list passages where it talks about worship, whom and whom not?

8)       Talk about the sharp sword?

9)       Where else have we seen “rod of iron”?

10)     Verse 17, who is invited and what are they to eat?


Chapter 20

Revelation Chapter 18

1)       Make an outline of this chapter?

2)       Is this Michael?

3)       In verse 4 who is talking? And what does he mean?

4)       Who or what is referred here to “The Kings of the Earth”?

5)       Might “bodies and souls of men” equal slave trade?

6)       What has to happen for verse 17 to happen?

7)       Why is verse 20 so important?

8)       What were her sins and her iniquities?

9)       What are her plagues?

10)     Sum up verses 22 – 24?



Chapter 19

Revelation Chapter 17

1)       What does many waters mean?

2)       Who are the kings of the earth?

3)       Where else has the heads and horns been used?

4)       Are there any traditions that did not start in Babylon?

5)       Explain the significance of what is in her hand?

6)       Are there any other 10’ that are significant? Maybe something that is going on now?



Chapter 18

Revelation Chapter 16


1)    History proves man learns nothing from history, is that true here?

2)    You have heard said that a loving God would never allow such a thing as this.
How would you respond?

3)    Could the fourth bowl been stopped?

4)    What is the throne of the beast?

5)    Kings of the east refers to what or whom?

6)    Where did we first hear of “coming as thief “?

7)    How many ways has “it is done” been used?

8)    What are some of the other earthquakes?



Chapter 17


Revelation Chapter 14

1)        Having His Fathers name written on their fore heads?

2)       What happened to that we small voice?

3)       How do these 144,000 differ from those found in Chapter 7?

4)       What is the everlasting gospel?

5)        Babylon the great city! What do we know about it?

6)       What is the result for taking the mark of the beast?

7)       Explain the pros and cons of the mark?

8)       What are the differences between the two harvests?


Chapter 15

Revelation Chapter 13

1)       How is this beast different from the dragon in chapter 12?

2)       What is so special about wound?

3)       Who is the beast upset with in heaven?

4)        Explain verse 9 here?

5)       How many beasts are we up to?

6)       What do we know about 666?

7)       Forty-two months. What is so special about this time frame?

8)       Explain the significance of verse 10?

9)       Are his signs legitimate?

10)     What other marks are found in this book?


Chapter 14



Revelation Chapter 12

1)       What does the woman represent?

2)       Who are the twelve stars?

3)       Where do we first hear about the dragon in verse 3?

4)       Where is verse 8 foretold?

5)       What do we know about Michael?

6)       How many signs have we seen so far?

7)       What is special about this voice?

8)       The dragon went to war with the rest of her offspring. Who are her offspring?


Chapter 13