Ecclesiastes Chapter 8


As you read one will notice that verse 1 has two important questions in it, who is & who knows? Why are these questions important to us?


  1. As you look at verses 2 – 5, you will see that there is a strong statement being made. What is it and why should heed it?
  2. Verses 6 & 7 speak of a certain time in every Christian’s life. One that each must go through. What is it? Why does one need to go through it? Is there a shortcut?
  3. If you look at the first part of verse 8, one can now understand those ads we see about psychics and why at the bottom is says for entertainment purposes only. Why do we not heed this verse?
  4. Why is their no discharge in that war?
  5. Why is man’s judgment so totally different?
  6. Looking at verse 12 one might be able to see where the saying “only the good die young” came from. Why do you think that might be?
  7. In modern times, man has moved away from God and by doing that has lost his fear of the Almighty. Should man be fearful or not?
  8. Looking at verses 16 & 17 one gets a glimpse into modern day life. Is it any different that it was or is it the same story but different players?

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