Ecclesiastes Chapter 2 Verses 1-11

At different points of time in our lives, we each have sought some form of pleasure. Here, the writer says that he would start with laughter. That wasn’t good enough; so he then went on to build houses, orchards, gardens and watercourses. That too wasn’t good enough. So he then turned to money and then to sensual and erotic delights.

  1. Do you agree that pleasure is an important thing in your life?
  2. How do you find pleasure?
  3. To what extent do seek out pleasure?
  4. Is pleasure the dominant force in your life?
  5. As we look at the world to day, one would see that pleasure is the number one goal of the secular world. Either by working so hard to but it. Or just by trying to totally live it. We trying to live a Christian way of life, do we also fall into this category?
  6. If so, is our way any different?
  7. After reading this portion of the chapter might we have learned anything?

Ecclesiastes Chapter 1

  1. Who is the Preacher?
  2. In verse 3, what is the answer?
  3. Looking at verse 4-7 how do you summarize what is going on?
  4. What is meant by verse 8?
  5. Is there anything new under the sun?
  6. How do you seek and search out wisdom?
  7. What is meant in verse 15?
  8. Who and how did he have more wisdom than all?
  9. What Comes with Wisdom?

Overview of Ecclesiastes

This book is the record of an intense search for the meaning and satisfaction in life on this earth, especially in view of all the iniquities and apparent absurdities that surrounds us. It also takes the perspective of the greatest answers that wisdom under the sun can produce.


Ecclesiastes is broken down into three main parts. The first tells us that “All is Vanity” through the introduction to and then the illustrations of. Part two, shows us the Proof, through experience and then through observation. Part three, shows us how to cope and gives us counsel on how to live with vanity.


When this is over the conclusion is based on the Fear of GOD and to KEEP His Commandments.


One of the main things Ecclesiastes portrays is the emptiness and the perplexity of life without a relation ship with the LORD.


The main theme of Ecclesiastes is “Vanity”. What is Vanity? Vanity – The futile emptiness of trying to be happy apart from GOD.


Once one comes to understand all parts and complexity of what “Vanity” is, then “Wisdom” can be used. What is “Wisdom” in this case? Wisdom – involves seeing life from a divine perspective and trusting GOD in the face of apparent futility and lack of purpose.


Remember – Life is a daily gift from GOD and it should be enjoyed as much as possible.


If your life does not already belong to Him, here is a prayer, which will help to belong to His family.


Lord Jesus, I believe that You died for my sins. Lord Jesus, I believe that You rose from the grave and that You are alive today. Lord, I turn from my sins and I turn to You. I open the door of my heart to You, Lord. Come into my heart. Live Your life in me. Save my soul and fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord for hearing my prayer. Amen