John Chapter 19 Verses 17-42

1)      They willed now that He should die, but what He was and what they hated would never die? Who are they? What was it that they hated?

2)      In verse 26-27 Jesus shows TLC for His family and friends. How?

3)      In verse 29 Jesus is given sour wine which fulfills prophecy. After fulfilling prophecy, what did Jesus not do which He could of and why?

4)      Why is it so profound?

5)      How do you think “It is finished” relates to “It is done” in Then Revelation to St. John?

6)      Imagine if you can how Mary (the mother of Jesus) felt as she stood before the cross?

7)      Why is it so important for John to prove the certainty of Jesus’ death?

8)      What drew Nicodemus and Joseph together?

9)      How can\could you explain the necessity of the crucifixion to an unbelieving person?

10)    In verse 30, He says “it is finished” what is it?


Chapter 20

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