John Chapter 18 Verses 1-27

1)      Knowing Jesus the way Judas did, why did he have the soldiers bring weapons?

2)      How do you explain the reactions of the soldiers after hearing “IamHe”?

3)      Why do you think Peter reacted the way he did?

4)      How many times do we try to do what Peter tried to do?

5)      As we saw in John 13:6, Peter is troubled. Again here in John 18: 15-27 Is this the same type of troubling? Explain?

6)      Where does Jesus answer the question of the unwitting prophet?

7)      Is/Are there (a) tense situation (s) which you are going through now? Do you feel that you can handle it on your own? Could you use the help of your friends? What would it mean to trust Jesus completer in this/these matters?

Chapter 8:28

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