Bible Studies John

John Chapter 14


1)      What is Jesus trying to convey and & teach in verse 1 of John 14?

2)      How did you feel the first time you read John 14:2?

3)      In verse 16 ‘The Father…will give you’ what do you sense in that?

4)      What will He give you and why?

5)      Through the Spirit of Truth does one and one equal three?

6)      Verse 18?

7)      What do you believe He is meaning in verse 20?

8)      How do verses 14:31, 23 21, 15 & 13:34 compare to one another?

9)      What do they stress?

10)    In verse 27 what are the differences?

11)    Also what is He asking?

12)    Why does Jesus state differently in 14:28 and 10:30 “My Father is greater than I”?

13)    Why is there nothing in Jesus from the ruler of the world?

Chapter 15

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