John Chapter 11

  1. After everything had happened to Mary & Martha in this chapter how do you believe they would define faith?
  2. After studying this chapter which of these character traits in Jesus comes through the most strongly to you and why: His compassion, His power, or His wisdom?
  3. After reading verses 1 – 16, what kind of relationship does Jesus have with Mary, Martha & Lazarus? What does this teach us about Jesus?
  4. What remedy for doubt does Jesus give Martha?
  5. Why does Jesus pray?
  6. After reading verses 45-57, in what two ways does Jews react to the raising of Lazarus?
  7. How do the Pharisees react when they heard the news?
  8. How did Caiaphas unwillingly become a prophet of the good effects of Jesus coming death? How does John confirm this?
  9. Why was the raising of Lazarus so astounding?
  10. Whom else had he raised from the dead?
  11. How can you compare John 11:3 with John 2:3?
  12. What is the meaning in verse 4?
  13. Can you compare John 11:44 to John 5:28-29?
  14. Does verse 11:50-51 in John compare to Gen 50:20?  If so, in what way?

Chapter 12


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