John Chapter 10

1)       Jesus says in this chapter that He is both gate for the sheep (verse 7) and the good                 shepherd (verse 11). How do these fit together?

2)       Who are the “other sheep” in verse 16?

3)       Based on what Jesus says in verse 30 and 1:18, how much do you agree or disagree with this statement God the father and Jesus the on are one nature and essence but they are not one person?

4)       From what you have ad in this chapter, what does it mean to really “follow Jesus”?

5)       Look again at what Jesus says in verse 10 about the thief and what the does. How does this relate to we see today?

6)       How can you relate what is said in verses 7-18 with what is said in John 14:6?


Chapter 11

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