John Chapter 8 Verses 12-38

1)       What happened when you have tried to talk about Christ with a family member or a co-worker who was hostile to your message?

2)       How did you feel?

3)       Why do the Pharisees consider Jesus’ claim invalid?

4)       What two witnesses does Jesus offer in defense?

5) How important was it for Jesus to answer the Pharisees quizzing?

6)       In verses 21-30 what does Jesus say is going to happen to Him in the future?

7)       What is going to happen to his listeners?

8) How could they avoid this?

9)       How would compare verses 14-18 with 5:31-40?

10)     Is the main point the same in both messages?

11)     If not how do they differ?

Chapter 8 verses 39-59

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