John Chapter 6

1)       What are the similarities and differences between manna and the “true bread form heaven” that Jesus speaks of in verse 32?


2)       What does God do to draw people to Him?


3)       What are the most important choices made in this chapter and how would you analyze each one?


4)       How could you use verse 51 in response to a false teach who said Jesus was not actually a sacrifice or a substitute for us when he died?


5)       From what you have read, why did Jesus perform miracles?


6)       If you were told you only had a few weeks to live which verses in this chapter would be most significant to you?


7)       How could you use verses 28-29 to help save an unsaved friend who felt he lived a good enough life already and didn’t need to believe in Christ?


8)       In verse 61 Jesus says, “Does this offend you?” In what ways do people today find Jesus words offensive?


9)       How does the message in verses 44-65 relate to the words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30?


10)      After reading verses 24-51 which ranked higher Jesus or His miracles?



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