Study Hints

Remember that the Jewish day starts at 6 pm in the evening not 12 am like we are use to. This is Friday-the-13thvery important to remember because with that little piece of information you might find some interesting tidbits as you read thru the bible. Example: the first Passover, which took place in the book of Exodus, Passover – 14th of Nisan; first time fell on a Saturday, so when the firstborns were dying in Egypt, could it possibly be Friday the 13th?

When you are reading the bible and the Holy Spirit puts something that doesn’t quite make sense you should take the time to chase it down and you might find some other interesting tidbits of information. Chapter 2 of the Gospel Of John is a good example. The chapter starts out with: On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.  ??On the third day of what??. Normally when one reads something like that they go back to the verses before to find out what the thought pattern of Weddingthe writer was but here that doesn’t help  so one needs to find out if that phrase has special meaning. If so, where might you find it? Let’s check Genesis Chapter 1 :9-13, where one will find the first mention(the first time anything is mentioned in the bible it is very important to remember), of the third day and also find that the most likely  reason why there is a wedding on the third day is because of all the days in Creation Week the third day is the only day that God gives a double blessing, which is a very good reason to get married on the third day of the week.


You also find out something else in Genesis Chapter 1:6-8 and that is that God doesn’t bless the second day of the week and you thought you were the only one that didn’t like Monday’s. Remember in verse 26 of Genesis 1 God said “Let us make man in Our image.”


Something else that will help you when you are reading the bible, is that when ever the Holy Spirit wants to make sure that He gets a point across to you especially in the Gospel’s. He gives you a little help by showing how upset the Pharisees get at something. Then you should go back and read it again because it is important to us. If it wasn’t, why would the Pharisees get so upset?The Pharisees upset

John Chapter 6

1)       What are the similarities and differences between manna and the “true bread form heaven” that Jesus speaks of in verse 32?


2)       What does God do to draw people to Him?


3)       What are the most important choices made in this chapter and how would you analyze each one?


4)       How could you use verse 51 in response to a false teach who said Jesus was not actually a sacrifice or a substitute for us when he died?


5)       From what you have read, why did Jesus perform miracles?


6)       If you were told you only had a few weeks to live which verses in this chapter would be most significant to you?


7)       How could you use verses 28-29 to help save an unsaved friend who felt he lived a good enough life already and didn’t need to believe in Christ?


8)       In verse 61 Jesus says, “Does this offend you?” In what ways do people today find Jesus words offensive?


9)       How does the message in verses 44-65 relate to the words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30?


10)      After reading verses 24-51 which ranked higher Jesus or His miracles?



Chapter 7



John Chapter 5

1)       How could verse 14 help a non-Christian who wanted to believe but did not want to

change his/her lifestyle?

2)       Why do you suppose Jesus healed the man at the pool on the Sabbath?

3)       What do you think is meant by Jesus’ answer to the Jews in verse 17?

4)       What one sentence could you use to describe verses 22-23?

5)       How would you use verse 28-29 to help a new Christian who wanted to know if the Bible

teaches reincarnation?

6)       What do you believe are the motives and reasoning behind what Jesus says in verses


7)       If you could only use this chapter from the Bible, how would you use it to show someone

that Jesus is truly God?

Chapter 6