John Chapter 2

1)   ‘On the third day’ what does this refers to?

2)   What does Jesus mean by “My time has not yet come?”

3)   Why was it important for Jesus to turn water into wine?

4)   Was it significant that the wine Jesus created be better than what was already there?

5)   Did the Jews get upset because he used a scourge on them to get them out of the temple or was it because Jesus said “make not My Father’s house a house of merchandise.”?

6)   After the Jews had asked for a sign, Jesus answered by saying “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days.” What is so significant about this statement?

Chapter 3

2 thoughts on “John Chapter 2”

  1. I feel that all these things happened to separate believers and non-believers. Everything that transpires is already planned by God. It is up to you to give all reverence to God or not. Was it important for Jesus to turn water into wine? Yes because there were people who were being held in bondage by the wilds of evil. And this was needed to show the power of God and what can do. Now if you are still lost in your faith after these things God will continue to deal with you for he forsakes nobody.

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