Revelation Chapter 6

Now we start the 70th week of Daniel. Don’t be fooled by the first seal. It is not the Christ on the horse. Jesus is opening the seals. We also know that this is post church because the lamp stands and the seven spirits are in heaven and you can’t remove the Holy Spirit from the earth without removing the Church.


1)       What can you tell about who is on the white horse?

2)       What associations can be made about the 2nd horse?

3)       What can we tell about the Black horse?

4)       What can we tell about the Pale horse?

5)       What changes happen with the fifth horse?

6)       What does the bible say about earthquakes?

7)       What does the bible say about Blood Moons?

8)       Looking at the fifth Seal, what age old question is answered?

9)       Who else judgment does this remind you of?

10)     Looking at the Sixth Seal, what should happen but doesn’t?


Chapter 7

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