Revelation Chapter 3

Finish reading Matthew 13’s parables on the Hidden Treasures; Pearl of Great Price and the Dragnet along with Romans; Thessalonians and Colossians.

1)       What does it mean to be alive and dead at the same time?

2)       What persecution is mentioned here regarding this church?

3)       What does Jesus mean by coming as a thief?

4)       Why is this church on a slippery slope?

5)       Using other passages explain the “Book of Life”?

6)       Were else does it talk about confessing before God the Father?

7)       Why the angels?

8)       In Philly, what does Jesus open?

9)       What does verse 7 mean to you?

10)          Synagogue of Satan?

11)     What criticism did Jesus have of this church?

12)     What does it mean to be a Pillar in the temple of My God?

13)     Using other verses explain what would be written on them?

14)     How does Jesus describe Himself to this church?

15)     Why does Jesus wish they were cold or hot?

16)      Explain verse 18?

17)     Is this a good thing that Jesus stands at the door and knocks?

18)     What did Jesus overcome?

19)     Is it the same?


Chapter 4

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