Revelation Chapter 2

To truly grasp all that is in this chapter I recommend that you also read the first four parables in Chapter 13 of Matthew. The Soils; The Wheat and Tares; The Mustard Seed; and the Leaven along with their corresponding church books. Ephesians; Philippians; Corinthians and Galatians.


1)       What does the Lord commend for the church of Ephesus?

2)       How does Jesus describe Himself?

3)       What other passages talk of false teachers?

4)       What is our duty towards false teachers?

5)       Ephesus had lost her first love. Where else is this mention?

6)       Explain the concept of overcoming as referred to in this book?

7)       What else do you know about the city and church of Smyrna?

8)       What did Jesus mean when He said you are rich?

9)       What is the significance of the 10 days?

10)     What can we learn from this church?

11)     For the church of Pergamos, were their problems internal or external?

12)     What is the doctrine of Balaam?

13)     What is the doctrine of the Nicolaitans?

14)     What is so special about the way Jesus describes Himself to the church of Thyatira?

15)     Are the problems in the church of Thyatira just theirs?

16)     Who is Jezebel?

17)     What do you take away from Chapter 2 verse 23?

18)     What message does Jesus give to those who do not accept those doctrines?

19)     What is so special for this overcomer and why?


Revelation Chapter 3

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