Revelation Chapter 1

During this study as with all aspects of the Book of Revelation you will need to use more than just the Book of Revelation to answer the questions. There are 404 verses in the book and about 8oo references to the rest of the bible. Don’t worry you won’t need all of them in this study. Thanks to the Good Lord Almighty we should have fun during this study and also be drawn closer to Him. He wants to be our friend and confidant as well as our Lord and Savior.



1)       What things must shortly take place?

2)        Looking at Grace and Peace. Where else is it used?

3)       Who are the 7 Spirits and where are the used?

4)       What is the significance of the 7 Spirits?

5)        Describe each of the titles of Jesus in verse 5?

6)       List other passages regarding the importance of “His Blood”?

7)       What will happen when Jesus comes back?

8)       What does verse 8 mean to you?

9)       In verse 13, where are the 7 lamp stands?

10)     Why was the “One” like the Son of Man?

11)     Looking at His appearance, what is the point of the description?

12)     Why His right hand?

13) Pretending you are John. Write a summary of what verse 19 means?

Revelation Chapter 2

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