Wedding in Cana of Galilee

The first part of John 2:1, “On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee,”  when one reads this one may draw a few conclusions; 1) The third day of Jesus ‘s ministry, 2) the third day of the month, 3) the third day of the week or maybe one doesn’t draw any conclusion and just keeps on reading.

(Hint – Genesis Chapter 1)

If you can’t find the answer ask me.

2 thoughts on “Wedding in Cana of Galilee”

  1. Hello Chappy,

    I am curious what is the reasoning behind the third day. I mean, why is it the third day? It seems that even the number of conclusions is three. I also wonder if the wedding is actually the ministry. Can you further elaborate more? Perhaps the detail of the wedding and the interpretation of Jesus’s ministry. Thanks, Chappy.

    1. The answer to what is meant by the “third day” can be found in Gen 1:9-13. After reading those verses one finds out that the “third day” is the only day of creation that got a double blessing and now you know why Jews get married on Tuesday. The other thing that you found out is that the “second day” doesn’t get a blessing. That may explain why Monday is considered a lousy day.

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