James Chapter 5

  1. Explain verse 1?
  2. As you look at the world how many people have you see corrupted by money?
  3. As you look at verse 3, what do you believe James is trying to get across?
  4. You have read verse 1 – 6, how would you describe the situation in today’s world?
  5. In verse 7 what is the meaning of patient?
  6. As you are being patient, then you need to establish your heart?
  7. What door is the judge standing at?
  8. Has the Lord ben compassionate and merciful in your life?
  9. What is meant in verse 12?
  10. When you are suffering, do you reach for a pill; call the doctor; pray or call the church elders?
  11. You may be healed of what?
  12. “Fervent prayer of a righteous avail’s much” means what?
  13. In this day and age we call it backsliding. When you see someone going that way what should you do?

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