James Chapter 2

1)        What is meant in verse 1 by “with partiality”?

2)        Have you ever been in church and someone comes in dressed to the nines and they

are shown partiality?

3)        With that being said what happens when a drunk or a poor person comes in?

4)        Verse 5 has a good question, what is your answer?

5)        What is dishonoring the poor man?

6)        What is James saying about a rich man who doesn’t get his way?

7)        What are the two royal laws?

8)        True James is primarily talking to the Jews in Jerusalem, who know and understand

the law and in verse 10 he lowers the hammer on them. Does this verse have

any bearing on you?

9)        What does the law of liberty mean to you?

10)      Mercy triumphs over judgement. Explain

11)      James poses a good question in verse 14. What is your take on it?

12)      When you pass by people asking for work or food, what does it profit?

13)      What is mean in verse 18?

14)      You believe there is one God, so do others? Are they all the same one or are they


15)      Even though you know the outcome, was Abraham justified in what he did?

16)      Do your works make you a friend of God?

17)      Are you dead or alive?


Chapter 3

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