John Chapter 15

1)      Jesus says He is the True Vine, what does that mean?

2)      What are the branches which Jesus speaks of in verse 2?

3)      In verses 4-6 what is Jesus saying?

4)      What does Jesus want you to know and do in verse 7?
5)      Why do Christians need to understand the meaning behind in verse 11?

6)      Imagine being there when Jesus said that you were now called friend not servant. What changes in you would there be and how would you express your feelings?

7)      In verse 16, Jesus said ‘You did not choose Me’ why is that so profound?

8)      If you took verse 22 and formed it into a question would verse 24 be the answer?

9)      Verse 27, what does Jesus mean by ‘being with Me from the beginning’?


Chapter 16