Daniel Chapter 8

1)      What Queen also lived in Shusan?

2)      Who is the “Little Horn”?

3)      Who was the leader of Greece?

4)      Who supplies the “Little Horn” with his power?

5)      Who is Gabriel?

6)      Who did the man’s voice, “Who called” belong to?

7)      Deceit to prosper?

8)      Explain verse 26?


Chapter 9

Daniel Chapter 7

1) Chapter 7 is all about a dream Daniel had and its interpretation. Is there any correlation to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream? If so what?

2)      Who is the “Ancient of Days?”

3)       The four beasts obtain their dominion by what?

4)      The “Little Horn” of Daniel 7:21 will “prevail against the Saints.” Who are the Saints?

5)       Why do you think Daniel didn’t tell anyone about his dream?

6)       Why did his visions trouble him?


Chapter 8