Daniel Chapter 9

1)      In verse 2, what books?

2)      Explain verse 3?

3)      Do you start your prayers the way Daniel does in verse 4?

4)      Is there anyone else in the bible called beloved?

5)      Why was Gabriel being caused to fly swiftly?

6)      When are the “70 Weeks” to start?

7)      Have the “70 Weeks” started yet?

8)      “To make an end to Sin” Has that happened yet?

9)      Look at the last three parts of verse 24 and explain what they mean?

10)    “Know therefore and understand” What?

11)    What is Meshiach Nagid?

12)    What happened on 3/14/445 BC?

13)    Who are “The People” in verse 26?

14)    What “city and sanctuary” shall be destroyed in verse 26?

15)    What happened on 4 /6/ 32 AD?

16)    Are these date truly significant? If so, why?

17)    “Messiah shall be cut off”, what does this mean?

18)    Who is he who “shall confirm a convent?

19)    Who are the many?

20)    When does the “one-week” start?

21)    What consummation is determined?

22)    Who are the desolate?


Chapter 10