Names and Meanings from Abraham to Jesus

Abraham The Father of a Multitude
Isaac Laughing / to laugh
Jacob He will supplant/a healer/one who trips up/takes hold by the heel
Judah Praised
Perez Breached
Hezron Enclosed/Surrounded by a wall
Ram High
Amminadab People of liberality
Nahshon Enchanter
Salmon Garment
Boaz In Him is strength
Obed Serving
Jesse Wealth
David Beloved
Solomon Peaceable
Rehoboam Enlarges the people
Abijah Father of the sea
Asa Who will heal
Jehoshapat The Lord judges
Joram The Lord exalts
Uzziah Strength of the Lord
Jotham The Lord is upright
Ahaz Possessor or helper
Hezekiah Strength of the Lord
Manasseh Forgetting

Amon A nourisher
Josiah Given of the Lord
Jeconiah He will be established of the Lord
Shealtiel I asked for from God
Zerubbabel Born at Babylon
Abiud Father of praise
Eliakim Whom God sets up
Azor Helper
Zadok Just
Achim The Lord will establish
Eliud God is mighty
Eleazer Whom God helps
Matthan Gift
Jacob He will supplant
Joseph He shall add
Jesus Jehovah is salvation

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