The next time you feel like GOD can’t use YOU, just remember….

Noah was a drunk

Abraham was too old

Isaac was a daydreamer

Jacob was a liar

Leah   was ugly

Joseph was abused

Moses had a stuttering problem

Gideon was afraid

Sampson had long hair and was a womanizer

Rahab was a prostitute

Jeremiah and Timothy were too young

David had an affair and was a murderer

Elijah was suicidal

Isaiah preached naked

Jonah ran from God

Naomi was a widow

Job went bankrupt

John the Baptist  ate bugs

Peter denied Christ

The Disciples fell asleep while praying

Martha worried about everything

The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once

Zaccheus was too small

Paul was too religious

Timothy had an ulcer…

AND Lazarus was dead!


No more excuses now!! God can use you to your full potential. Besides you aren’t the message, you are just the messenger

Things God can’t do and doesn’t know

There are 3 things God can’t do!

1) He cannot lie.

2) He cannot learn (which is good for those who know Him, for when we fail it didn’t suprise Him.)

3) He cannot make you love Him. (He gave you freedom of choice to do what you want when you want.)

With that being said there 4 things God doesn’t know!

1) He does not know a SIN He does not Hate.

2) He does not know a SINNER He does not Love.

3) He does not know an other way to HIM except through His Son JESUS.

4) He does not know a better time than right now for YOU to except His gift of eternal life with HIM.

This can be done in the privacy of your own heart by just saying a little prayer like this:

Dear, Heavenly Father, I realize that I am a sinner. I’ve done some things that I am ashamed of but I know that I can be foregiven by the blood of Your Son Jesus. I turn from my sins and turn to You. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. Live Your life in me. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen.

That is one way, the other is; Pretend you are a hurt little child who has just crawled up into the arms of a very strong very loving Father and say Daddy (Father, Dad or what ever you want to say He will hear) Forgive me, Please, I know I have been bad but I am sorry, will you forgive? Please.

If that is also not your style then just get down on your knees and ask to be forgiven for what you have done to Him and to yourself.


After you have ask the Father and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then tell a friend and have them pray with you and for you. By the way if you have said the prayer and accept the gift of eternal life with Jesus Christ I would like to be the first to WELCOME YOU TO THE FAMILY OF GOD.