Ecclesiastes Chapter 5 Verses 1-7

  1. What conscience emotions do you feel when you try to ready your heart, mind and soul for worship and your mind starts to wonder?
  2. How & what can be done to prevent that from continuing?
  3. As we look here at these first 3 verses what are the contrasts to what we are being told to and not to do?


As we look at verses 4-7, one must look deep inside oneself to be sure of who and what are we for God does not want us to give fancy testimonies, sign cards of promise or to get baptized without some very careful prayer deliberation. Careful words to read and understand maybe found in Matthew 5: 33-37, Hebrews 4:12-13, James 1 :19-27.

Going back to the beginning of Chapter 4 through the first 7 verses of Chapter 5, let’s look at some of the lessons, which we have been shown:


  • Oppression is a fact of life where competitiveness exists
  • God hears and comforts the oppressed
  • Two or three together are better than one who stands alone
  • One should accept the counsel of others
  • We should spend more time cultivating relationships with our families and friends
  • We must not be over zealous in our endeavors of a religious nature when a large amount of stress is placed upon us. [ie.] Don’t make a promise or vow to God that you may not keep when times are bad or you’re in deep trouble just in hope that He might get you out.


4. Can you pick possibly one that you have truly learned from and expound on it?

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