John Chapter 9

1)       Who would you say is the main topic of this chapter?

2)          Suppose that you one of the Pharisees in this chapter, and you were questioning the man who claimed to be healed b Jesus. Looking at the evidence presented in verses 13-34, how would you summarize the facts in this case?

3)       In verse 39, who are the blind people Jesus peaks of, and who are those who can see?

4)          Comparing chapter 9 to John 1:18, what is God like?

5)       Look at Jesus’ words about day and night in verse 4. In the sense Jesus used, would you say the times that which we live today represent the day or night?

6)          Immediately after the events of this chapter, if you talked with the man who once blind and asked him to define the word faith, what do you think he would say?

7)       What in chapter 9 compares with is written in Luke 15?

Chapter 10

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