John Chapter 3

1) Why is the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus so important?

2) Does it or should it have an effect on you and your life?

3) How do John 3:19-21 relate what was learned in John 1:4-5?

4) Using what you have read in verses 22-36, how would you describe John the Baptist as you see him here?

5)Do John’s words ring true about Jesus the man and if so, what did God the Father give His son Jesus?

6)Using verses 5-8, how would you describe what it means to be a spiritual man or woman?

7) Many people consider verse 16 to be the key verse in the entire Bible. Would you try compressing the content of the verse into a statement that uses as few words as possible?

8) Compare the message in verse 16 with Romans 5:8 and 1John 4:9-10. Why do you think so many people in the world still do not believe the message?

9)How could you use verses 16-21 to help an unsaved acquaintance that expressed a desire to become a Christian?

10)If a non-Christian said to you, But God is too good and loving to condemn anyone to hell,” could you use verses 18 & 36 in reply?

Chapter 4

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