Nothing In All Creation

Nothing In all Creation  can separate you from My Love. Pause and ponder what an astonishing promise this is! You live in a world where separations abound: wives from husbands, children from parents,friends from friends, childhood dreams from adult reality. But there is one terrible separation you will never have to face: isolation from My loving Presence.

I want you to cling  to Me  with tenacious confidence. This gives you strength to cope with the uncertainties of living in such a broken, unstable world. Anxious thoughts can assault your mind and fill you with fear if you forget that My Love will never fail you. When you find yourself feeling afraid, grasp My hand in childlike trust. Rest in the protection of My Presence, and remember that perfect Love drives out fear.

The greatest wealth on earth is minuscule compared with the riches of My boundless Love. Yet this is My free gift to all who follow Me. How priceless is My unfailing Love!

This comes from the March 17 reading of Jesus Always by Sarah Young. Hope it brought you joy!

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