As you look at ways of making money remember to pray to the Lord first to see if it where He wants you to be. Also you need to make sure that you protect your assets because we live in a society that either taxes you or someone tries to sue you.

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  1. So true! Sadly it is all about the money in this time and age. You have to look at what really matters. The world has too much love for money. The Lord is what really matters. Follow Him and his will.

    1. Yes Jen, you are quite right but at the same time we are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar. If when you get any funds you give the first 10% to God then pay your bills with what is left. If you check out, there I show people how to protect themselves from frivolous law suits which the USA is famous for. We have 4% of the population and create 94% of all lawsuits.

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