Daniel Chapter 4

Notice that Nebuchadnezzar makes a proclamation to everybody in his realm. He does this in 1st person singular i.e. from his own experiences and his testimony.

1)      Have you ever shared signs or wonders that the Most High God has worked through you?

2)      Can you make the same statement that the king makes in verse 3?

3)      What is the difference between this dream and the last dream that the king told the wise men?

4)          Courtesy of Daniel, who was chief or head of all the wise men in Babylon we like him were told the dream, so can you explain verse 15?

5)          Looking at verse 19, we should marvel at the relationship Daniel had with his boss, the king. Do you have the same type of relationship with your boss?

If not why not?

6)      You have now read the dream and its interpretation. Looking at verse 29, it says that the king had 12 months before the interpretation took place. Could the king have been able to change the interpretation? And if so why didn’t he?

7)      There is a period of 7 years between verses 33 and 34; my question to you is who ran the empire during those years?

8)          Looking at the prayer for God that the king gives in the closing verses, name some of the things one can learn from those verses?


Chapter 5


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